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Participants registration

1. Become DPG member (optional)

Should you decide to become a DPG member, please apply for membership online, prior to registration to the conference. The DPG-membership-number will be issued within 24 hours on working days.

2. Registration as participant

  • Early-bird-fee:
    online registration until 15.02.2019, at the latest
    payment of the conference fee until 22.02.2019, at the latest
    (Payment must be credited to bank account of DPG e.V. this day latest!)
  • Normal fee:
    online registration until 20.03.2019, at the latest
    registration on site at the conference office
  • Online registration:
    It is strongly recommended to make use of the online electronic participants registration to reduce waiting times locally.

3. Payment

Please follow the payment information in your registration confirmation which you will receive within 24 hours on working days.

The payment of the (normal) registration fee is also possible on site at the conference office by EC card (Maestro) or credit card (VISA and MasterCard).

If possible, we ask you to refrain from cash payments! Please understand that we can not accept 200 and 500 Euro notes.

4. Confirmation of payment receipt and delivery of QR Code

All registered participants, who have transferred the conference fee in time, will receive a confirmation with QR Code two weeks prior to the conference. The QR Code allows a quick check-in in the conference office ("Express-Check-In"). In this way the queue time can be reduced significantly.


advice regarding combined bank transfer