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Speakers' and Poster Instructions

Scientific presentations will be held either as oral presentation or by poster. Presentations can be held in German language (conference language) or in English language. For further information please contact the division in which you have submitted the lecture or the poster.

Oral Presentations

Usually, presentations will have the following durations. For exact information, please refer to your division.

  • Contributed talks are 15 minutes including discussion and speaker change (12 min talk + 3 min discussion/speaker change). In the division Physics Education 15 min. lecture + 5 min. discussion are planned.
  • Invited talks are 30 minutes including discussion and speaker change (35 min talk + 10 min discussion/speaker change).
  • Plenary presentations are 45 minutes without discussion.

All lecture rooms will be equipped with a data projector and computer. Speakers are asked to upload their presentations to the conference website one day before the session. An e-mail with the access data and the upload deadlines was sent to the speakers before the conference. As file formats pdf (preferred) and Powerpoint (ppt and pptx) will be accepted for all sessions. Own laptops cannot be used for the lecture. The presentations will be transferred to the PCs/laptops provided in the lecture room before the session. Lecturers are requested to keep the lecture file on a USB stick and bring it with them to the session.


The partition walls offer space for one poster each in DIN A0 portrait format (85 cm wide and 120 cm high). The movable walls are used on both sides. Authors are requested to post their posters 2-3 hours before the start of each poster session. Each poster wall will receive a number corresponding to the numbering of the poster in the scientific programme. The mounting material for the posters will be made available to you. Please use only mounting material that can be removed without leaving any residue. You are also welcome to contact the student assistants on site.

Authors are requested to be available at their poster for at least half of the length of their poster session. Please provide the information when you will be available.

You have the possibility to hang your posters until Wednesday, 27 March 2019. The  posters  have  to  be  removed  after  this.  Any  posters  remaining  on  display  walls  will  be removed  and  disposed  without  requesting  your  permission. 

The  conference  management  accepts  no liability for the posters.